Welcome to the Virtual Safari into the African wilderness


Get motivated and put your daily exercise to good use as you walk, dance, or even play your way along the route, and see hippos, giraffes and zebras up close!

Our safari takes place at Lake Naivasha in Kenya. Using a fantastic range of videos, photos, music, maps and Google Streetview, you are invited to immerse yourself in a wider and wilder world.

It takes 100 minutes of any exercise of your choice to unlock the next station.

When you arrive, you will find fascinating facts and fun challenges. Pick one challenge or do them all, it’s up to you. Share your #VirtualSafari adventures and encourage your friends to join you.

Make a donation or get sponsored to complete the 75km 10-challenge route. All money raised goes to the urgent WasteAid appeal, Waste Collectors Rock!

The Virtual Safari is a coronavirus-free zone. Strictly: amazing wildlife, fascinating facts, and entertaining challenges.

Waste Collectors Rock!


Waste collectors help keep our communities clean and healthy, yet their valuable work often goes unrecognised. With the spread of coronavirus, many of WasteAid’s partner organisations cannot simply stay home to stay safe. They are obligated to keep waste collection services going, and thereby to help limit the spread of disease in their communities, towns and cities.

Since waste collectors are often among the poorest in society, they often lack essentials like gloves, water tanks and disinfectant. WasteAid is fundraising to help the needs of waste collector crews in Lake Naivasha and other poor parts of the world.

If the last few weeks have taught us anything, it is that we humans are in this together. Public health sits alongside planetary health as an urgent and shared priority. Waste collectors everywhere deserve our respect, our support, and our help to deliver their vital service while staying safe.

Please support the urgent WasteAid appeal, Waste Collectors Rock!

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