About the Virtual Safari

All About the WasteAid Virtual Safari at Lake Naivasha in Kenya

This is a virtual sponsored walk, part of the Waste Collectors Rock! appeal, which WasteAid are running to support waste collectors in the world’s poorest countries.


Since waste collectors are often among the poorest in society, they often lack essentials like gloves, water tanks and disinfectant. WasteAid is fundraising to help the needs of waste collector crews in Lake Naivasha and other poor parts of the world.

If the last few weeks have taught us anything, it is that we humans are in this together. Public health sits alongside planetary health as an urgent and shared priority. Waste collectors everywhere deserve our respect, our support, and our help to deliver their vital service while staying safe.

To do the safari, you enter your minutes of daily exercise to proceed around Lake Naivasha. There are 10 stations along the way, and 100 minutes of exercise permits you to access the next station. At each station there is information about the area, and photos and videos, and also a range of fun and educational challenges for you to do.

You can find more information on the Help and FAQs page.

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Drag Orange Pegman onto the map and open Streetview for a look around!

The Virtual Safari was built in 3 weeks of flat-out work by a dedicated crew who gave their time and worked days, nights and weekends to bring the safari to life.

A huge thank you goes to:

Original inspiration: Sarah Hargreaves

Content: Zoë Lenkiewicz

UX & UI design and build: David Leeke

Programming support: Adam Moore

Photos and local knowledge: Jill Matthews, Duncan Oloo and Moses Kiyuka

Branding and social media graphics: Evelina Beckers

PR support: Sara Ashraf and Marina Bradford

Social media: Kanika Phillip

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