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How do I get to the stations?

You just keep track of your daily exercise, and then enter it to My Minutes. You can enter up to 100 minutes each day, and each 100 minutes you enter allows you to access the next station.

To access a station, you can choose it from the Stations list, or click on the station’s icon on the map. You can also see where you are and where you’re going by using Streetview on the maps. Drag the little orange stick man (bottom right of each map) on to the blue lines to have a look around.

It’s good for all of us to get some exercise, whatever form it takes! You can cover the distance between the stations by going for your daily walk or run, or putting on your favourite tunes and having a dance! Even playing counts, as long as you’re being active.

Put on some of our recommended songs and sounds and soak up the atmosphere of the Kenyan wilderness.

How do I log my exercise and track my progress around the lake?

The distance between each station is 10,000 steps, or 100 minutes’ exercise. What you do is up to you!

Log your activity at My Minutes at any station or at My Safari and track your progress around the lake.

You can add a maximum of 100 minutes each day. When you have done enough exercise, you unlock the next station.

Do I have to log in at a certain time and place to find out the instruction for the challenges?

You can log in at any time. Once you have unlocked a station you can see the challenges. You have to visit the challenges stations in turn, but once you’ve unlocked a station you can revisit whenever you want.

How many challenges are there?

There are 10 challenge stations, and each one has a variety of challenges for you to choose from. Do one, or try them all – it’s up to you. Just remember to share your creations on social media #VirtualSafari

What happens when I complete a challenge?

Share a photo or video of your challenge on social media (TikTok, Instagram, Facebook, Twitter or LinkedIn) with the hashtag #VirtualSafari.

We will reshare from the @WasteAid account and try to create a buzz around the Virtual Safari! The more people who see it, the more money we can raise.

What if I cannot complete the challenges on time?

You do not have to complete all the challenges, so move at the pace that suits you, relax, and soak up the safari atmosphere.

What are we fundraising for?

During the coronavirus outbreak, waste collectors around the world need to keep doing their job to keep our communities clean and healthy.

WasteAid is fundraising to support the waste collection crew at Lake Naivasha in Kenya, and in other poor places around the world.

You can help by donating to the appeal, or better still, ask your friends and family to sponsor you to complete the 75km safari.

How can I fundraise?

It’s easy to set up a fundraising account on JustGiving and start fundraising straight away. JustGiving will ask you who you are fundraising for, and you can find WasteAid right there.

Click here to set up a fundraising account at JustGiving that is especially for the Virtual Safari.

How can I donate?

You can donate any time via the Virtual Safari website, wherever you see a Donate Now button, or at the WasteAid website ( ).

Are there prizes?

After the closing date, we will pick the very best five challenges, and they will win a free gift of their choosing from We are also inviting people to donate prizes… and we will reveal some surprises along the way!

There are also 2 surprise prizes, which you will find out about when you reach certain stations.

Do I have to compete with someone?

We will all be sharing our safari experiences online with the hashtag #VirtualSafari, so we’ll be together.

It’s not a competition, but a challenge could be fun! You could challenge your housemates, or kids vs adults, or grandparents vs grandchildren. Make a team together – you can enter a team name in My Account.

You don’t need to be in the same place to share the adventure and enjoy a bonding experience in the Kenyan wilderness… Who will you invite?

What are teams and how do they work?

Each user on the safari has their own Username. You can also have a Team name, and this team name can be shared by any number of users – maybe your family, or work colleagues. To add or change a team name, go to My Account and click Edit profile in Account details.

Perhaps you will all want to work together with fundraising, and see how much your team can raise.

What does this have to do with Earth Day and climate change?

Open dumping and burning of waste are sadly commonplace in many parts of the world. The emissions released from poorly managed waste contribute significantly to climate change, but the good news is that progress isn’t expensive.

Waste management is a very cost-effective way to reduce carbon emissions across the globe. It’s also very important for public health, local air quality, and preventing the spread of disease.

Join us in supporting waste collectors around the world, who do a very important job and deserve our help.

How can I change my name, email address, team name or password?

Go to My Account where you can change all of your account details, except your username.

Tell me about cookies and privacy

All your data is private and not shared with any third parties, and totally secure.

The site is protected by SSL and all data communications between you and the site are encrypted.

Other than necessary cookies to enable the site to work (e.g. to mange your login), the Virtual Safari is a cookie-free zone – no trackers and no analytics.

We never feed the animals, especially with cookies!

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